Sitting in YYC airport, preparing for my adventure to Brighton UK, it never disappoints. Wrong gate of course. A reassignment, to the other end of the airport. Chelsea expressed this wonder as she dropped me off, why the gate was so far away. Must have been a place holder.

So off I go, 1km+walk which truly is beneficial afterall, as I wil be sitting for hours in a cramped seat.

This time I am traveling with carryon baggage only, something quite new for the girl who travels with a bit of everything. Disembarking, also known as deplaning, in Toronto was so mush easier: no scary breath-holding moments waiting to see if my luggage would accompany me.

Nope, simply off the plane and on to my next coonection, 6 hours later. I decide to spend my time reading my course books, which come with me eveytime i travel, and, indulge in eating something. Having just spent 4 hours exchanging interesting ideas and facts about trending diets and nutrition with my lovely row-sharing companion, I decided to jump in with both feet and ignore it all! I chose chicken-topped flatbread with 4 spinach leaves (didn’t want to overdo it😳) and a drizzle of some sort of dressing. It all kinda of reminded me of a pop tart but savoury-ish.

That being done, and a some time spent lollygagging at my reading, i jumped up (exaggeration?) and took my backpack and rollon for a long walk thru the halls of Pearson. I happened to come across a relax spa, with offerings of pedicures, manicures, massage and maybe a couple of other things. Having some time yet to spend, a justified manicure was had. As I sat there, smiling and nodding politely to my gracious technician who diligently entertained me with stories partly in Chinese and partly English, my eyes wandered around to notice that across from our nailing clippings, cuticle removing, fellow foot scrubbing and dust flying, massage happening events,was an eatery and bar.

The patrons watched with half interest at us while we reciprocated the stare. It struck me as very odd. Human behaviours.

After my nails were prepared to meet the day, I continued my wanderings, nodding my head to my eatery bar friends as I left the area, thankful that my chicken flatbread was not eaten with a view of cuticle cuttings.

Still 2 hours to go and here I was with no step counter on my phone. What a wasted moment in time: the steps I could have bragged about!

I found myself sitting at one gate then another, from one end of the terminal to the other, people watching and learning.

Once on my next plane, the one to deliver me in to the arms of the Queen, I popped a pill for sleep, readied my row neighbours with my sleeping plan, and dozed off.

For hours I slept and upon waking, decided to write of my adventure thus far.

I am excited for several reasons to be on this trip but one stands out for me: the hope to get to the International Association of Trichology in London for a peek, as well as an injection of inspiration and renewed energy at my craft.

Stay tuned for more adventures…in Lora’s Land ❤

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