My intentions in returning to India include, and largely consists of, developing a program for hair salons that will benefit their battle with hair loss.

India experiences some of the greatest percentages globally of hair loss, and there are many reasons for this. What came as a surprise to me during the couple of years that I lived here when I was digging deep in to the hair loss concern, is that North Americans are on course to experience the same levels of hair loss because of similar reasons.

When you think of hair loss, some the more historical explanations come to mind: genetics, aging, sickness. The reality is that the causes are much broader, far reaching and rather surprising. Explaining away that hair loss is caused because Grandma’s great uncle had a mother’s cousin with such loss is simply not that believable anymore. Nowadays science has proven to us that it can be caused by many various reasons, and that it can also be resolved to a degree that we would not have considered in the past.

When I lived here 10 years ago, I was a key player in launching a hair extension and wig company. My educational experience with a manufacturer that offered hair loss focused shampoos and treatments, and with my own interest in the subject, launching this company and its products made sense. In a country where people spend over US$100,000,000 per year in hair loss remedies alone, I understood then, and more so today, that people here are serious about resolving their hair loss.

With my passion for this topic in mind, I am bent on creating a way, or ways, to make inroads and help where I can. In a world where image means so very much, the emotional impact this kind of condition causes can be life changing for a person.

There is a wonderful clinic here owned and operated by a genius and his wife. Dr. Rajput is a hair surgeon and Trichologist, and his beautiful wife Pooja is a nutritionist. Over the 25 or more years of their practice, they have developed methodologies and products specific to rectifying so many of these situations for people. The success they experience is inarguably proof of the efficacy of their methods and products. It is under Dr. Rajput’s leadership and kindness that I mentor.

In addition, because of my former connections here, I have a great jumping off point to develop an educational syllabus specific to enabling the front line, the hair stylists, to support and facilitate their clients with what is needed in addressing this problem.

It is in this that I feel empowered to share my skills and knowledge.

My hope is to bring my program to salons here and in North America (who knows, maybe the world), and reciprocate to an industry that has always had my back.

The work is only beginning !

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