Set on the corner of a bustling intersection within the lovely community of Versova, sits Leaping Windows, a very cool version of a neighbourhood pub. It offers breakfast through to dinner and surprised me with kombucha and kefir on the menu too. The food was great, the coffee was even better: I ordered cream for my Americano and what came was creme fraiche! I giggled and spent some time stirring to get it to melt, but wow! it was a great idea!!

Check out their menus!!

Leaping Windows patio






The Punjabi community celebrate Lohri on January 13, a folk festival that marks the end of winter and the welcome of longer days. It was my pleasure to participate in such an event here at Gursheel’s home: the neighbourhood collaborated and met on the street for a late night bonfire where all offered festive foods to the fires. These included popcorn and sesame treats called gurh and gacka. The fire was fed with ghee so you can imagine the heat it threw! Pictures were taken, popcorn was thrown, coconuts exploded in the bamboo/ghee fire, and fun was had by all!

The fire has died down by now…

The wee gaggle of ladies







We returned home to indulge in more sweets and my favourite…Indian food! There is nothing more yummy for me than India food and when I get to eat it authentically I am in heaven. It was a fantastic night of meeting new friends and learning new bits of culture.

One of the other gratitudes expressed here is for the harvest, and last night Gursheel’s friend Bhairavi invited us to come to her home to eat some specially made dishes in celebration of the end of harvest. Once again Lora and food! It was ridiculously good and I wish I could cook the same. Their use of spices is so incredible. Needless to say, we rolled home!

Half eaten but you get the idea!!


Little Miss Rumi is getting more comfortable with my presence and now spending some time with me alone. The history of Rumi is quite interesting: she was rescued from the jungle as a lonely wee kitten by Gursheel. It was cold out when she was found and quite hungry, so when taken in she took to it immediately. I can tell that she is a different kitty and has experienced some trauma in her life, but she is so loved here and has adapted to her luxury life quite well.

Rumi’s home

Chillin’ in the afternoon

Her photoshoot!








Today I am off to the clinic again to meet with Doctor R and discuss vitamin therapy for hair loss, as well as explore more options to opening up this therapy to salons here and abroad. Til now this specific therapy has been marketed only to the doctors and their clinics. My interest in helping out as many as I can with alternative ways to remedy their hair loss is what drives this trip. With the tutelage of the doctor, and the connections I have here, I will be able to begin this adventure! Very exciting for everyone involved!

I will likely take an auto to the clinic as the temperature is below 30C here today: less road heat.





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