It is Tuesday morning early, and only two days away from our intended reopening of business. As we approach this date, I am constantly made aware of the fears so many have about the implications of this. Reading the stories and comments, at times I experience a hesitation in my decision, but then remind myself of why I chose to move forward.

The information we are all bombarded with is extreme, and it is what keeps me awake too often at night when I am supposed to be recharging: there is one opinion that then gets countered by another opinion; a medical reviewed paper, then another to counter it. Social media is a disaster zone with simply way too much opinion within, and the media feeds all the hype.

Being stuck in a state of fear or indecision is not where I wanted to find myself. Since the beginning of this ordeal, I was confronting a surprising gamut of emotions: anger (a big one), fear, sadness, anxiety, and even resignation. Recognizing that I was swirling the drain of emotions, I began to explore my toolbox of learned skills. Adding the benefits of all the free courses being offered online too, I dove in and started the journey back to my healthy mindset.

I came to discover that I need to reopen. I need to bring some control back to my life, as much as is allowed by the governing bodies. I also need connection again: being an extrovert, I survive on human connection and without it I wither.

Using common sense, guidelines provided for personal services, my years of experience as a professionally trained cosmetologist, and learned information about how to combat the new enemy, I am secure in my decision to reopen.

Everyone will move forward at their own pace, and respecting that is paramount. Being careful with each other, showing due diligence to the safety of all, both physically and emotionally, is my goal.

We do not know if this reprieve will last or if we will be shutting our doors once again in a few short months. What I do know however, is that I can face this uncertainty again if need be, but this time with new tools, new resolve, and new experience. As scary as it has been to feel out of control, I made it through, and now look forward to welcoming my clients once again, albeit masked and gloved, but smiling and relieved.


Respect. Gentleness. Community. ❤️


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