It is that time of year where we all want to shed that o-so-dry body of skin created by months of winter winds and frigid temperatures.

Step out of that skin and in to moisturized bliss and softness!


First step is to consider exfoliating the dry skin cells that lay all over our bodies: use a dry brush! Look for a brush that has natural bristles and preferably with a long handle, to reach those hard to reach areas. If you use a wet brush for exfoliating, be sure to always hang it in an area so that it can dry completely between uses as this will prevent any chance of bacteria growing on it.

Next, we need to preserve the moisture that is still in our skin! The very first step in doing so is choosing a cleanser that will not dry out our skin with harsh ingredients, but rather care for the natural oils (sebum) that waterproof our skin.  Stay away from ingredients such as alcohol, sulphates or fragrances.

Moisturizing after cleansing is key to trapping in moisture to skin: look for ingredients like beeswax or candelilla wax (barrier waxes that hold the water on to the skin); glycerin or hyaluronic acid (humectants that attract moisture to the skin); shea or cocoa butter (emollients that help to smooth skin).

And water. The type of water we choose for our skin is also important.  Hot water is too damaging to the natural oil layers on our skin, so stick with tepid or warm water. Hard water too, can cause skin problems, so consider a water softener or water filter.



O, and don’t forget to drink your moisture too! Not just water (we all know of our 8 glasses per day rule) but also herbal teas can be a great way to moisturize from the inside out: think green.

Something to keep in mind during the warm months: if you use chlorinated pools know that special attention should be exercised to protect your hair fibres. Chlorine does not come out of hair and so a good way to protect it is to cover it up as well as you can. Slather conditioner on it, braid it, tuck it all in to a cap. Personally I don’t wear bathing caps: vanity!! A ton of conditioner is what I chose to use if I go in to such a pool. Also the same goes for the ocean: salt can be very drying so apply a heavier type of conditioner before dunking your head in to the water (caps should be worn though in these cases: see my post of oceans and sunscreens as much of that information would apply here too).



Photo by Vince Rvd from Pexels


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