The better question may be, now what?

My big concern is helping out all of YOU who are needing ME on a monthly-ish basis.

I have been pondering how to manage this state of affairs both for your benefit, and mine. Let’s face it, this isolating will  cause much anxiety with some experiencing colours or shapes on their heads that they are not happy with! If this goes on for a time, like more than 6 weeks (eek!), we may be facing some pretty scary, crazy hair situations which, to be honest, will challenge and energize me, but simultaneously may freak us both out (always in a good way, right?)!!

In addition, the care of your hair is paramount, and I need to ensure that you can get your hands on the fabulous products that keep your locks looking spectacular as they do. In order that you do not miss a beat, please order what you need by calling, texting or emailing me, and I will have the product either sent directly to your home, or will deliver to your doorstep myself.

So how do we efficiently deal with these new circumstances thrown at us?

First of all, be reassured that I am here for all of your questions, concerns, or need for help, at any time. I will do my best to figure whatever it is out for you, as long as it is hair or skin related (caveat!).

My branding guru, Lindsay, will be helping post to my social media accounts on a regular basis with tips, videos, how-to’s, specials, and simple appearances so that we stay connected and hair/skin/health-informed.

I would ask that you please ‘like, friend, or join’ my social media sites, and watch for my postings.I am a people person, for any out there that has not figured that one out, and I need you probably more than you need me: please connect and send me comments and messages. 

My social media is Mane Garnet at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (upcoming is a Youtube channel). I also send out these blogs and the occasional MailChimp email blast. If you have a favourite platform you think I should add, let me know (Haha!! Lindsay will LOVE it!!!).

Watch for a list of all products I carry, and others I can access for you as we all wait for this time to pass. The list is being created and updated as we speak.

Stay sane and sanitized my friends!








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