The decision a woman makes to colour her hair is a very personal one. There are many reasons why we choose to colour our hair and usually we become addicted to the excitement of the new look each and every time. That is why we make our regular appointments with our favourite hair colourist and return to experience this new and refreshed look.

I have been colouring my hair since the first month I entered my career, a wee bit over less than 30 years ago (yowzers!). I have enjoyed a crazy array of shades on my head over those years, buy have recently decided to return to my ‘roots’.

Many of us make a decision at some point to do this return, either as an embracing of the sparklers that we have earned over time, or because of a budgeting decision, or simply a desire to return to the natural state of affairs.

Usually a change in skin tone comes along with the celebratory bling, and that requires a reassessment of the hair colour so there is not a clash. This has impacted my own decision: the abundance of my hard-earned sparklers is another.

This return can be a challenge for different reasons: achieving the desired look without feeling too different is a big one.There’s nothing worse than not feeling the hair you live in.

What is the best way to accomplish a return to your natural hair colour? A return to your ‘roots’?

The number one key to success is patience. Never underestimate the time it can take to return your hair’s colour to one that feels natural to you while maintaining the integrity of the hair itself. Too many times I have seen hair that has been trashed because it was returned too quickly, resulting in over-dried and over-processed strands. What was accomplished in one appointment or maybe two, now has to be repaired over several other appointments.

A good colourist will take their time assessing the steps necessary to get your hair to the desired colour in an appropriate and timely manner that maintains and/or improves your current hair’s condition.

In the lead-up to your hair appointment, you can take that step to ensure your hair’s integrity by treating it to moisturizing conditioners or baths, being careful no to overuse hot appliances,and avoiding products that cause buildup.

If you have not visited me before, we will take the time to sit for a thorough and proper consultation.

Pictures tell a colourist a lot about your desired outcome: I ask my clients to bring me pictures of looks the don’t want if they are unsure about what they do want exactly. This gives me further insight in to their thought process.

Understanding the commitment to the process makes it comfortable for both parties. The time involved and the costs should be reviewed.


A few things to keep in mind:

*hair colouring is a science and an art. The desired colour and the end result may not always be possible or exact. Many factors weigh in, so chat with me about this.

*a return to your ‘roots’ likely will still require appointments to tone and refresh the new colour, but often these appointments are further apart.

*colouring hair causes stress to the hair NO MATTER the kind of process chosen. Some processes are much more stressful than others, and this needs to be decided upon

*if you are not feeling like YOU in your new choice, changing can be just one appointment away. The beauty of technology is that there are options within my colour line (Goldwell) that can make a big difference to tweek the look for you.

So now that I have changed my colour, time will be the testimony to my decision. The first day I spent looking in the plethora of mirrors I have around my world. The second day I felt like I was brighter and my skin tone was better matched. Today is my third day and I am digging it still.

I think it was a good decision!

But what do they say about women and prerogatives?? hahahhaha….!!

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