Healthy hair begins with nourished follicles and a healthy scalp.  Like skin care for your face, the scalp also needs special care.  A healthy scalp environment lays the foundation for healthy looking, beautiful hair.

The Curenza Balance Collection is a naturally-based approach for women and men of all hair types that combines nature’s powerful botanicals with scientific innovations to create the perfect balance of high performance formulations  for optimal hair and scalp health.



1. What bothers me most about my hair?

2. What is more important to me?

3. How important is my hair to my overall happiness/look?

4. Do you have thinning hair concerns?

5. Do you have itchy and/or flaky scalp skin?

6. Do you have eczema, psoriasis, or other skin concerns anywhere on your body?

7. How much do you spend on your hair at salon appointments?

8. How often do you visit a salon for hair services?

9. Do you have an auto immune concern?

10. Are you under a doctor’s care and/or taking medications on a regular basis?

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