Summer Hair Ponderings

I am going to post this while shoulder checking. I know that the curly-haired people reading this will be glaring at me and wondering how I could speak such nonsense. I have poker straight, glassy hair and it can be a chore to deal with in humidity. Yes, just like...

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The Indian Toilet, a Love Story, and a phone App!

Admittedly this is a new experience for even me: toilet history! And if ever there was a place to create such a monument, it would be India. Why? India has a population of over 1.3 billion humans, all doing the same thing every human does as beings. Thus, a need for...

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Sunscreen and our Skin: Responsible Stewardship

So here we go: deep diving in to a subject that holds much controversy. Because skin health and protection are things that I am concerned with personally, this sunscreen debacle is worth the research. Recently there have been more studies and released statements about...

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Summertime, Sunscreen and our Oceans

So much information has been provided about sunscreen over the years, and we are left in a quandary: which kind of SPF are we to be using? Does it really even matter? There are many reasons to be concerned, yet today I want to speak to the environmental angle of SPF....

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The Peafowl has Landed!!

  The peafowl, better known as the peacock (peahen if female) is the bird of India. I suppose I should have said the Loon has landed as I am Canadian, but that just makes me sound loony (The Loon has Landed!!). I am situated in Mumbai, in the Versova Beach area....

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New York New York

New York New York!! My second, or is it my third home? No matter, it has my heart, captured from years of living here, meeting some of the most interesting people, and experiencing some crazy and fun times. I arrived by way of Newark and am staying in Jersey City, not...

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Important News!

  I will be traveling to India once again, beginning my journey on April 23/19, for educational purposes. As a result, I will not be accepting appointments until June 2/19.  Be sure to use the online booking system to access my calendar and service menus, or you...

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Welcome to my blog! It is my first blog and has been a fun learning curve thus far! I am excited to have an easy space to share all of what I know and can regarding hair and it’s care and health.

My time is split between teaching hair health throughout Canada and India, learning techniques and formulations specific to the recovery of hair and skin health with my mentor, enjoying time with my loyal clientele, my hobbies and my family. Life is busy and fulfilling!

And, I love to write: my expertise, my experiences and journeys.

Here we go!!



1. What bothers me most about my hair?

2. What is more important to me?

3. How important is my hair to my overall happiness/look?

4. Do you have thinning hair concerns?

5. Do you have itchy and/or flaky scalp skin?

6. Do you have eczema, psoriasis, or other skin concerns anywhere on your body?

7. How much do you spend on your hair at salon appointments?

8. How often do you visit a salon for hair services?

9. Do you have an auto immune concern?

10. Are you under a doctor’s care and/or taking medications on a regular basis?

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