Leaving Calgary was easy. The weather was not ideal for my sensibilites: too cold, too dry and too weirdly foggy.

But, traveling by way of airplane has become a chore and is no longer part of the experience I enjoy.

Getting in to a crammed metal tube with all sorts of anxious beings was not my cup of tea, however getting to India was my goal, and Genie I am not.

The first leg of the flight felt frantic. The seating began as a bit of a problem yet once that was solved a very uncooperative seat dweller behind me was insistent that I not lean my seat back, ever, as she purchased only one seat for two people. After chatting with her a couple of times I took a brave stand, popped my sleeping pill  and leaned back. Problem solved!

Five hours later I awoke, a bit refreshed and ready for the next inevitable battle.

My next flight was just too tight for my liking and as feared there were problems. But, once the jetway was attached and the shuttle train was fixed, I managed to get to my next metal tube seat just in time. Phew! I was seated on the last leg of my trip back to Mother India.

As I sit here and wonder what great adventures lie ahead of me this next week I am cognisant of the fact that I do not know this city and do not know my host. Therefore great adventures may transpire before the next 24 hours are up!


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