Mumbai welcomed me in the wee hours of the morning today and the sight of her as we approached made me smile big! The inconveniences to getting to her were worth it!

If you have ever experienced flying to India you know of the uniqueness when disembarking from the plane. I have never experienced it with any other destination and I am always amazed at how controlled and yet intimidating it can be. There are bodies mashed up (sometimes smashed up) against one another, bags being dropped out of the bins above with little regard as to who’s head it may bang (inevitably the bag misses but always it appears deadly), the chatter that is constant and melodic, and the smiles and laughter that abound. It does not matter how long one has to stand and wait or how plugged the aisle is, EVERYONE stands up and gets ready. Amazing!

Then it was off to the immigration/security part of the process: apparently Mumbai’s airport is in a constant state of renovations so the directions to the correct areas are a bit vague. I was in the long queue but could see that the agent’s counters all said “ Indian Passport Holders Only “ so was very curious if I was in the correct lane or not. It was then that I met Shivani, an American born artist who is a founding member of the Living Sanskrit school, who assured me that the line was correct. During our banter while working our way through the lineup, she was very interested in my reasons for being in Mumbai, and I her reasons. I promised to look at her website to understand her passion and what I could participate in, and I gave her my card as she will likely reach out to my mentor. I am sharing her website here for anyone interested in learning about why an American born artist began an in-depth school to further understanding for all about her heritage and culture in India.

Okay, back to the trip! So, customs was easy and the taxi was easy. Now I had to reach my host and her home. I cannot tell you how happy I was to have a very uneventful, easy peasy trip to her home. On the 9th floor, with Rumi the cat, lives the most welcoming Gursheel. She is a self employed media girl who was very smart to get herself set up near the ocean in Mumbai. I have the ocean breezes at my beckon call from the bedroom! I also have the sounds of the city but that is not the point right here, right now!  Gursheel has a wonderful flat that is open and full of windows and, with the heat of Mumbai, lovely marble floors that grace her home throughout.

After a bit of time chatting to get to know one another, I headed to bed. Rather, I crashed to bed. The city sounds are something I am not used to anymore and so it was a challenge to actually sleep, but I can tell you I will tonight! I thought I was tired last night…..!!

Morning came early enough and I jumped in to an Uber and off we went to the Clinic. I would say we sped to our destination but we didn’t. We swerved and jostled and bumped all the 45 minutes there, but along the entire route I saw many of the reasons why I continue to return. The roadside stalls selling their wares, which always look so very bright no matter the product; the lineups of people waiting for their chai or morning sweet,  or for a shave or whatever it may be; the colours the women are wearing as they precariously dart across the road; the motorcycles weaving around vehicles with a helmeted male driver and a side saddled woman in a saree with zero head protection (nevermind that she can sit side saddle and hang on!); the kids wearing their cleanly pressed uniforms as they walk along the sidewalks to their buses or schools; the endless sounds of vehicle horns and motors amongst the calls of some crazy birds that hang out around the streets; the smell of exhaust, dirt, food cooking, wood burning, and whatever else I do or do not want to admit to being in the mix; and of course the palm trees. I like palm trees no matter where they are (except the one at that Chinese food restaurant that is plastic…and faded).

Because I was not able to log in to the web before arriving at the Clinic, I figured neither Dr. Rajput or his beautiful wife Pooja would be expecting me, but alas, how dare I doubt their belief!! I was greeting in to the doctor’s office and discussions began in earnest. Let me assure all my follicularly challenged clients reading this: there is hope. Big hope!! I am so excited to share with you what I am learning here, as well as bringing the products for your inspection. Dr. Rajput is a genius in my books: holistically inclined with all his products while getting the demanded results. No chemicals!!! Whaaaaat? Yep, its true. And so very clinically tried, tested, and true!

I spent the day with the folks at the Clinic and then headed out to get my Airtel card so I can communicate with people, here and there, without having to pimp Bobby out! Then it was back to Gursheel’s for computer work, and some sleep.

There are so many other things I want to say and share here but I do need my beauty sleep so I will simply keep adding posts along the way. I will also include as many photos as I can. Today you get Rumi and a typical street sight along my route…😊


Tomorrow you get Amit….

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