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  I will be traveling to India once again, beginning my journey on April 23/19, for educational purposes. As a result, I will not be accepting appointments until June 2/19.  Be sure to use the online booking system to access my calendar and service menus, or you...

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Traveling begins….

Traveling begins….

Sitting in YYC airport, preparing for my adventure to Brighton UK, it never disappoints. Wrong gate of course. A reassignment, to the other end of the airport. Chelsea expressed this wonder as she dropped me off, why the gate was so far away. Must have been a place...

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Welcoming Spring Hope 2019

After what seems like a long drawn out winter, we are seeing a break in the temperatures and, we have changed our clocks ahead: signs of hope. Hope for longer and warmer days, and hope for growth and newness. Maybe just within our gardens and planters, but likely too,...

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Bade Mandir: being fed

Late one day after work, Anita and Ajay and myself piled in to their car, and Vishram, their giggly driver, drove us out towards the city limits to a place that is highly revered by my hosts as well as thousands of other people. It is called the Bade Mandir and is the...

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Rooting for Hair

My intentions in returning to India include, and largely consists of, developing a program for hair salons that will benefit their battle with hair loss. India experiences some of the greatest percentages globally of hair loss, and there are many reasons for this....

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Back to Ol’ Stomping Grounds

Bathing in 30 degrees Celcius I left the comforts of the big city of Mumbai and arrived to the comforts of the big city 15 degrees! It is freezing!! Now how can a girl from Winterland Canada be cold in Delhi!!? I had forgotten how cold it gets here: it...

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Leaping Windows and Bamboo Fires

Set on the corner of a bustling intersection within the lovely community of Versova, sits Leaping Windows, a very cool version of a neighbourhood pub. It offers breakfast through to dinner and surprised me with kombucha and kefir on the menu too. The food was great,...

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Welcome to my blog! It is my first blog and has been a fun learning curve thus far! I am excited to have an easy space to share all of what I know and can regarding hair and it’s care and health.

My time is split between teaching hair health throughout Canada and India, learning techniques and formulations specific to the recovery of hair and skin health with my mentor, enjoying time with my loyal clientele, my hobbies and my family. Life is busy and fulfilling!

And, I love to write: my expertise, my experiences and journeys.

Here we go!!

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